The unaddressed rate and scale of water and hence environmental pollution worldwide is daunting! At Palm BioGreen, we can design and install the best of the best water treatment solution for your needs.

Solutions for your water treatment

The range of expensive, multi-phase potable water treatment plants in the market currently, are not going to be able to cope with the requirement of potable water due to a limited source.



Multi-phase portable

Low requirement

High Standards

Most of the ongoing industrial wastewater treatment plants in Malaysia are not capable anymore for meeting the requirements set by the environment department (DOE).


Meet requirements by DOE

Updated treament solution

Low mantainance


With ongoing pollution of rivers or lakes or treating the damage already done and even if governments, industry and populations generally act to limit outflows, the source will still be insufficient.

Expensive but environmental damaging system is being used for treatment works. But Atomix MTA is the solution to these issues.


Sufficient treatments

Affordable solutions

Enviromental friendly

The History

The history of Atomix MTA started when a group of university researchers on a field trip collecting microbes samples, noted that water flowing through a waterfall after a heavy downpour somehow became clear downstream of the waterfall. It was also noted that with the clear water were sticky floating debris that clump together floating downstream. It was then realised that nature has its way of treating and cleaning its own natural occurring mess.

Extensive Research

Atomix MTA’s inventor, Dr Max Ng, decided then to carry out further research on this phenomena. This research involves 

  • Collecting Samples

    Collecting various samples of naturally occurring compounds or materials that are found along the river above a waterfall;

  • Identify

    Identifying the materials collected;

  • Material Collection

    The actual properties of the materials collected;

  • Testing

    Testing their reactiveness in water.

The next step was in identifying the actual components or combination of components that are involved in the process of the water treatment, and optimum combination and/or their ratio.After a research period spanning 9 years, and thousands of painstaking testings and trials, the cause of the phenomena was finally discovered and perfected. Henceforth, the birth of Atomix MTA. 

Atomix MTA features

Atomix MTA powder

Atomix MTA powder is an inventive mixture of naturally occuring mineral composites for water treatment problems with performance far beyond any existing conventional technologies.

    Made of Natural Mineral Base

    A Shorter Retention Time

    Effective and Eco Friendly

    Removing up to 95% of pollutant

    Simplify treatment process

    Reduce Sludge Production

    The best the market has to offer!

    How Atomix works?



    Atomix encapsulates contaminants in waste water into eco friendly sludge and release water molecules


    Atomix MTA is based on principle of ionic conversion and pH control

    ionic conversion

    The principle of ionic conversion - the waste particles in water are converted to negatively charged ions by Atomix MTA components. Ionic compounds are then formed by the resultant combination of +ve ions and -ve ions.


    Colloidal particles also have electrical properties which prevent agglomeration and settling. Atomix MTA neutralise the electrostatic charge and so induce flocculation and precipitation. Simple process, reducing overall CAPEX and OPEX.


    Atomix MTA brings about many benefits for your water treatment solutions. Some of them are as of follows


    Natural composite for treatment of a wide range of raw/ wastewater.

    Less transportation costs & limited material handling


    Performance verified by different countries all over the world.

    Low retention time.


    Easily integrating with existing treatment plants.

    Fast turnover.


    High tolerance to effluent fluctuations.

    90-95% efficiency in overall reduction of contaminants.


    Fully replaces polymers & other treatment technologies which makes it the best choice.

    Low energy requirements.


    Certified Halal product by JAKIM.


    20-30% LOWER

    Small footprint thus small area required, reduction in land cost

    Simple , fixed or modularized or mobile system

    Fast installation , testing and commisioning


    20-40% LOWER Effective ,

    Low power consumption ,

    Less chemical requirement Lesser demand on O&M ,

    Manual, Semi or Fully Automated System.

    Low labour requirement

    No downtime and fast & continuous process Low sludge volume